40 Reunion Gallery 1


Jimmy Goson performs to a sold out crowd at Tangier's on Friday night Oct 2nd

The following photos are courtesy of Colleen Thomas - Posted by Shady
GOLF OUTING at Loyal Oak Golf Course, Saturday morning, Oct. 3

Ken Rowe (husband of Sharon Abraham) and Jerry (Jake) Wood

Gary Madden

"Her Mister - Do 'ya need a shoe shine?"  Laurie Duane & Jerry Wood

"and....I can wash your balls for 'ya too!"     Laurie Duane

"We are full service caddy's"  Colleen Thomas & Bob Duncan

"What 'cha smokin" Bobby?"

Bob takes a swing while Ken watches

Yvonne Becker takes a swing

Marilyn Lott takes a swing - nice form Marilyn!

Yvonne & Marilyn on the green

The following photos were taken and posted by Shady
BREAKFAST at the HOLIDAY INN, Sunday morning, Oct. 4

Dave Felber & friend, Jeannine with Jeff Hewitt

Rox Origlio, Connie Miller, Bill Beddow (husband of Connie), Sharon Abraham
and Mary Beth Sawdey

Ken Rowe (husband of Sharon) with Pam Hicks and Jeff Matthews

The following photos are courtesy of Dave Felber - Posted by Shady
Breakfast at the Holiday Inn

"Buddies" Jimmy Goson, Dave Felber and Jeff Hewitt

Pam Hicks, Jeff Matthews, Janet Shady and Ken Rowe "put on the feed bag"

Jeff Hewitt eating his Wheaties