Copley High Photos


9th grade relay at Ellet High School; Tom Clapper, Tim Doty, Ted Sheppard and 8th grader Jim Drain (hey, what's an 8th grader doing at a 9th grade relay?)  Team took second place.
Photo courtesy of Tom Clapper posted by Shady

9th grade track photo courtesy of Tom Clapper

9th grade football photo courtesy of Tom Clapper

9th grade basketball photo courtesy of Tom Clapper 

Aren’t they cute? Tom Hardesty (nice finger Tom), Gary Hopkins, Bob Duncan, Lee Hoffmaster, Tom Clapper, Rob Davis, Gary Diefendorff and Bill Krill (Class of 1970) But…whose eyeball is that behind Rob Davis?
Photo courtesy of Tom Hardesty posted by Janet (Shady) Winemiller

The following photos courtesy of Rich Perrine posted by Shady
Senior class play 1969 - "Cheaper by the Dozen"
(These photos were taken at rehearsal and were not in our yearbook)

Bill Burlingame, Lori Geiger, Pam Hicks, Tom Groza, Ernie Benton, Walk Chislak, Tim Talley,
Dick Hinman, Kathy Inama, Linda Gibson, Nancy Kingsbury, Gayla Knite, Richard Perrine,
Jimmy Goson, Karen Friedman and Paul Fox
*The dog received no billing

The following photo is courtesy of Linda Whitten Piazza posted by Shady
Seniors girls painting the bleachers blue & gold
Bottom left - Claire Hose, Dianne Dockus
Middle row left - Linda Whitten, Linda Ladich, Kathy Inama, Linda Lott and Connie Miller
Top left - Donie Stump, Michelle Piry, Joyce Griffith, Dawn Weber, Shelley Kungle