40 Reunion Gallery 3

Here's the group photo - we're not getting older - we're getting better !!!
Photo submitted by Debi Diefendorff (posted by Shady-I'll add names later)

The following photos were taken and posted by Shady
DINNER/DANCE at the HOLIDAY INN, Saturday night, Oct. 2

Shelley Kungle & Linda Gibson

Tom Johnston

Gary Diefendorff & wife Marilyn, Debbie (Tom) Stinson and Debi Diefendorff

Colleen Thomas, Laurie Duane and Barb Kuba

Peggy Kahler and Mary Beth Sawdey 

"Oh John - You were so cute!"  Jeanne Dukes and John Mishler

Jimmy Goson performs in his sleep

The group watches Jimmy perform

Dian Fultz & friend Pam, Tom Stinson & wife Debbie, David Sues & friend Kathy

Gary Shorter, Colleen Thomas, Sandi Hrubik, Carolyn Wimer & husband Howard

Gary & Colleen yuk it up.  Helen Tanaska & Ron Lenke in background

The Dukes girls, Carolyn & Jeanne

Jeff Hewitt

Copley girls know how to boogie

Denise Fellows, Peggy Kahler, Barb Kuba, Kathy Inama
Mary Beth Sawdey, Yvonne Becker, Helen Tanaska

Juan Mosley shows the group how it's suppose to be done - Great moves Juan!

Denise Fellows takes center stage with Sharon Abraham. Background; Jeanne Dukes, Peggy
Kahler, Kerry Miller & Mary Beth Sawdey

Colleen Thomas, Donie Stump, Jeanne Dukes, Peggy Kahler (you go girl!) Barb Kuba, Kerry Miller
and Laurie Duane

Kerry Miller - Dancing? or ants in the pants?

Kerry spins Colleen

Ken Stout and John Mishler

Gary Wells, Kerry Miller, Debbie (Tom) Stinson and Marilyn (Gary) Diefendorff

Denise Fellows, Anne Cook and Bill Burlingame

Diane Klespies and Tim Murray

Jeff Hewitt, Ron Lenke, Jimmy Goson and Dave Felber

Nancy Bender and husband, Jim with Jimmy Goson

Jerry (Jake) Wood and Jimmy Goson

Chico Elias, Jerry Wood, Janet Shady and Jimmy Goson

Laurie Duane

Carolyn Wimer and husband Howard

Peggy Kahler and Joyce Griffith

Bob Duncan and friend, Brenda - Juan Mosley and wife, Patricia

Gary Wells, Kerry Miller and Tom Acomb

Jimmy and Janet

Do I hear Polka music?  Dianne Dockus and Barb Kuba

We just love a good Polka! Mayilyn Lott & Barb Kuba, Yvonne Becker & Dianne Dockus

Helen Tanaska and Linda Lott (dressed as the Mother of the Bride - her daughter got married
Saturday also)

David Sues and friend Kathy

Bill Burlingame and Dian Fultz

Nancy Bender and husband Jim with Michelle Piry

David does Karaoke

Donie Stump (sorry Donie, snapped you with your eyes closed)

Anne Cook and Jeff Matthews

Yvonne Becker and Dave Felber

THE GARY GALLERY #1 - Me? Have a drink? Well, maybe just one...

THE GARY GALLERY #2 (approx. 2 hours later)
HUH?  No, really! This is only my second drink. 
and...Diane - what are you doing??????????

OK!!! OK!!!  So maybe I did have a few drinks but...THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!
Gary with wife, Joyce Griffith and Rich Perrine

The following photo is courtesy of Colleen Thomas - Posted by Shady

Janet Shady thanks the 40th Reunion Committee and everyone else who
helped to make it another great reunion

The following photos are courtesy of Mary Beth Sawdey - Posted by Shady

Ron Lenke thanks Janet Shady for her reunion organizing efforts over the years

Janet Shady holding the dozen red roses presented to her by Ron and
and the 40th Reunion Committee

Debi Diefendorff and Michelle Piry

Mary Beth Sawdey, Bill Burlingame and Anne Cook

Peggy Kahler and Denise Fellows

Ken Rowe (Sharon Abraham's husband) looks like he's had enough of the class of '69

Dian Fultz - Winner of the Copley stadium blanket in the 50/50 Raffle

Sharon Abraham - Winner of the $25.00 Ace gift card in the 50/50 raffle

Donie Stump smiles - BIG cash winner in the 50/50 raffle
Seated at table with Jeanne Dukes

Jeanne Dukes and husband, Ted Kaiser, winner of the Copley senior yearbook in the
50/50 raffle sell it to Nancy Bender who lost hers.  Everyone is happy!

Gary Shorter, Joyce Griffith, Michelle Piry and Shelley Kungle

Diane Klespies, Donna Morrison, Shel McDougal & wife, Margie, and of course, Gary Shorter

Jimmy Goson (this photo needs no further comment - isn't it FUNNY!!!!!!!!)
Great photography Mary Beth!

The following photo courtesy of Colleen Thomas -Posted by Shady

Jerry (Jake)Wood cuts his meat with a Copley Indian tomahawk while wife Linda looks on

The following photo courtesy of Dave Felber - Posted by Shady

Connie Miller and Colleen Thomas say goodbye at 2:30 am at the Holiday Inn bar
Is there something you two want to tell the rest of the class?
Look for Connie & Colleen in the "Geezer Girl's Gone Wild" video collection

The following photos courtesy of Jimmy Goson - Posted by Shady

Jerry Wood, Tom Johnston, Jimmy Goson & Rich Perrine

"Lebanese cousins" Chico Elias, Janet Shady & Jimmy Goson

Pam Hicks, Jimmy & Colleen Thomas

Kathy Inama & Jimmy

Carolyn Wimer, Jimmy & Connie Miller

Dave Felber & Jimmy

The following photos are courtesy of Helen Tanaska - Posted by Shady

Yvonne Becker does Karaoke

Sandy Welsh with husband, John Meech

Sandy Welsh & Helen Tanaska

Colleen Thomas, Jim Kipp, Barb Kuba, Margie ( Jim's girlfriend) & Laurie Duane

Donie Stump & Sandy Welsh

Sandy Welsh, Dian Fultz, Elena Sardone & Helen Tanaska

Sandi Hrubik, Debi Diefendorff & Sandy Welsh

Laurie Duane & Elena Sardone

Helen Tanaska & Mary Beth Sawdey

Helen with Dianne Dockus, Barb Kuba, Linda Lott & Marguerite Mazzola

Kerry Miller & Gary Wells

Marilyn Lott, Linda Lott & Donna Morrison

Jim Kipp & girlfriend Margie

Janet Shady & Laurie Duane

Laurie Duane does Karaoke (Hey Laurie, where your shoes?)

TO BE CONTINUED............