After High School

Akron U 1971 Studying for finals - Seated at table: Rick Morgan (nice hat, Rick), Tom Blose (Copley 1967), Doug Harwich & Blackjack Leddy.  Standing: Master Chef Jerry Wood (with burnt skillet), Tim Pendleton's head & Roy? (Rick does not remember his name-too much partying or senility?) 
Photo courtesy of Rick Morgan posted by Shady

Colorado 1971 - Dave Felber, Jon Petras & Rick Morgan
"Copley Class of '69 sends 3 expert trackers in search of BigFoot.  They vowed not to come back without it"          Caption provided by Tom Clapper
Photo courtesy of Rick Morgan, posted by Janet (Shady) Winemiller


30th Reunion July 10, 1999 Copley Community Center (No signs of gray hair yet)
Photo courtesy of Connie (Miller) Beddow posted by Shady
Row 1-Gary Diefendorff, Tim Murray, Marilyn Lott, Bob Duncan (Mr. 69), Colleen Thomas, Tom Clapper
Row 2-Bill Bilinovich, Helen Tanaska, Ron Lenke, Janet Shady, Tom Stinson, Barb Kuba, Jeff Matthews, Pam Hicks
Row 3-Betty Grossmayer, Jim Kipp, Dianne Dockus, Linda Gibson, Linda Raynor, Gail MacEwen, Mary Ann Krunich, Sharon Abraham (wake up Sharon-are we that boring?), Ellen Catlin, Debi Diefendorff
Row 4-Joe Fundak, Jim Goson, Mike Markovich, Juan Mosley, Bob Dreese, Dean Meech, Jeff Nelson, Bill Burlingame
Row 5-Gary Menhorn, Kerry Miller, Gary Wells, Nancy Minear, Donie Stump, Ted Goodyear, Tim Groza, Tom Johnston 

Jake Wood and his "first wife"  (1967 vette)    Photo courtesy of JW posted by Shady