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07/09/14 01:54 PM #300    


Colleen Thomas (Cunnane)

Hey Deb!  Just finishing up YOUR glass of wine and checking out the shutter-booth pics...DAMN we look good...good & GOOFY!!! But then, why get up in the morning if ya' can't laugh?!?!?  Hope you really are coming to the 50th 'cuz your brother is a collosal PAIN-IN-MY-A_ _ !!!  Anyway if you or any of our great 69-ers ever come "HOME", be sure to let Shady & I know and we'll set up a bunch of Mini-Reunions prior to



07/09/14 02:11 PM #301    


Colleen Thomas (Cunnane)


The Photo-Booth shots of Shady, Me, Goson & Chico are titled "THE FORT ISLAND GANG!"

07/09/14 03:45 PM #302    


Jeff Matthews

   G O O D   P I C S   ( and some ....well.... we are all gettin' older ) Is it just me or does Ernie Benton look like Ernie ( Ghouldari ) Anderson ....Hmmm.....  I noticed that a few women got their" Tommy Time" with Clapper.....

Someday , Colleen will come outta her shell....T H X   Janet !!!

07/10/14 01:50 AM #303    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Stay Sick, You Purple Knif !!

07/10/14 09:01 AM #304    


Deborah Diefendorff (Boies)

Papa ooooo maaw maaw, I think you are on to something Jeff!  LOL  (who doesn't know how to spell that song from Ghoulardi but I tried!)

Colleen I had planned on being there to save you from the PITA but it just didn't work out this time but hopefully the 50th will work.  I hardly get to Ohio except at Christmas time and no one usually goes out in that mess but will get in touch if there is time :-)


07/10/14 11:05 AM #305    


Ernie Benton

I love it. Jeff, you can ( Cool It,With the Boom Booms ). But you are so right !!!!!! I want to let everyone know,the trip was so worth it. Maybe the 69/50 we all meet in PARMA...P A R M A...(No white socks.) Janet great job the pic of Ghoulardi, also on all all the pics of 69/45 . Looking forward to the next reunion. Ernie

07/10/14 11:45 AM #306    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

THANKS Ernie - Soooooooo happy you were able to join us!!  Please keep in touch and don't forget to "turn blue".
Gotta go I think I hear "a knock on the phone".


07/10/14 03:03 PM #307    

Thomas Clapper

Hi everybody. Jan and I had a great time at the party. Jeff they told me that was a kissing booth.I was paying a dollar a kiss.  They didn't tell me it was a Photo Booth. Suckered again. I was disappointed I didn't get to talk to everybody at the party I missed a few people shouldn't of spent so much time playing with the bonfire. The road rally photos look great I wish I could have gone on that. I think Keith Lang and Missy may have called into UPS headquarters giving him additional information. The 50th should be big.

Yea they said it was a kissing booth.

07/10/14 04:40 PM #308    

Gary Diefendorff

Colleen, to be a Pain in the Ass you need to be with an Ass to be a pain to, so there.  And don't count on Debi to control me. I don't know how Keith and Missy made it back in time on the road rally since I think the UPS guys are only allowed to make right turns and we spent most of the time going counter clock wise. 

07/10/14 08:47 PM #309    


Jerry (Jake) Wood

Hey Group ...nice spread and the food looked good too..hopefully nobody "Turned Blue.".The group takes nice pictures you should wear your teeth more often...stay finky...JW

07/11/14 12:00 AM #310    

Linda Piazza (Piazza)

Looking at all the pictures of the reunion it looks like you all had a great time.  I hope I will be able to make the next one, I would love to see everyone. The picture booth pictures are awesome. yes smiley

07/11/14 09:49 PM #311    

Mary Beth Sawdey (Funk)

I finally had some time to really look at all the pictures...good times were had by all!  Thanks to all for making it so special.  The photo/kissin' (just for you, Tom) booth was so much fun.I wish I lived closer so I could really spend some quality time with you locals.  If you are EVER in the KC area, please look me up!

07/12/14 08:30 PM #312    

Carolyn Wimer (Heffelfinger)

     It really was perfect. The BBQ was fantastic. The Clapper home was a dream house in such a beautiful location. I think everyone enjoyed the fire and music. I only wish I had drank more wine so I could have done my Jagger imitation of "Sympathy for the Devil"  (always a hit)  I know there was a lot of work and thought put into the 45th and it was a huge success! Glad I was invited! The Brenner Gang held their own right Gary and Ernie?


08/23/14 01:10 PM #313    


Jeff Matthews

I was watching a Randolph Scott western , on TMC , ...the bad guy ( played by Ernest Borgnine ) was called Jim Kipp ...put a whole new slant on the movie ...also ...does anyone (besides Pam & I ) recall ,that "Gidget's"   boy friend  ( Moon Doggie ) was named Jeff Matthews....

08/24/14 03:45 PM #314    

Yvonne Becker

Thank you for praying for my health-I'm hanging in there, praise the Lord...I think for the 50th reunion we should have another mock graduation ceremony-then everyone can identify and greet each classmate.  I'm sorry that possibly I didn't recognize some classmates that I would have loved to talk with. 

01/23/16 11:39 AM #315    

Mary Beth Sawdey (Funk)

In the news of Bob Duncan's passing, I took a few minutes this morning and just went back through the photo galleries, what a fun group we are!  So many of us are smiling down on us as we remember and laugh our way through the grief.  Many of you will probably be gathering for Bob's memorial, if any mini reunions sprout from that, please share with us who can't be there.  Thanks and hugs to all!  Mary Beth

01/26/16 02:58 PM #316    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Slumber party at Colleen's house, Sept. 9, 1994, with Laurie Duane, Helen Tanaska & me) Wilhelmina and Roberta (aka Bill & Bobby) decided to crash the party  Really gonna' miss "Roberta"

01/26/16 05:28 PM #317    

Yvonne Becker

We are all very grieved at the recent ending of Bob Duncan's life.  As we get older and face more difficult challenges, it would behoove us to seek the Lord for strength, endurance, and more faith.  It's incredible how many lives were and are affected by this passing of Bob...

01/27/16 11:20 AM #318    

Helen Tanaska (Morgan)

Thoughts and Prayers for Bob's family and friends at this difficult time. He was really great person to know!


01/27/16 02:32 PM #319    

Diane Klespies (Uithoven)

So sad.....Bob was one of those guys everyone liked. Most my memories were Junior High and sorry there aren't any after that .  Ever since I lost my best high school girlfriend Michelle last year.....these announcements are difficult.  Glad we stayed connected untill the day she passed. Don't waste time classmates and connect with your childhood friends sooner than later.  Glad I didn't wait.......some of the most precious memories are from recent times 

01/27/16 03:05 PM #320    


Jerry (Jake) Wood

Hey Group...Family and Bob would have been proud of the great turnout and respect at the funeral home Monday.. he will be missed....Thinking back at the last time I had seen Bob was not long ago on the golf course now I wish Id have given him that 3 ft putt...Pretty sure last time I had seen Lee was at the 20 year reunion did have some fun times also..JW

07/26/19 06:34 PM #321    

Dawn Weber (Wendorff)



Janet, thanks fo the great photos.

Sorry I missed this one too. Maybe next time  

It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years. The reunion committee did an fabulous job. The reunion looks like an amazing time. Thanks for all the memories  it is unbelievable how Copley High School looks the same. 

The best to all the Class of ‘69 !  Stay healthy and Happy  


07/28/19 11:58 PM #322    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Hi Dawn -
Glad you enjoyed the photos.  It was a fun weekend and sorry we missed seeing you.  Take care and keep in touch...Janet

07/29/19 02:13 PM #323    

Ellen Catlin

Hi Janet and all classmates!

I just looked at the photos of #50. YOU ALL ROCK!  I long to have been there. So sorry I wasn't due to a scheduling blunder on my part. I loved the Skyway photos. That was probably the most business they've seen in many years! Thanks for supporting the reunion effort and big thanks to the reuninon committee for making it happen. So many smiles still, after so many miles... carry it on sisters and brothers!  Love, Ellen Catlin.

PS: Where can I find the The "Kissing Booth" slide show from the 45th reunion at Clapper's barn? Can these be posted with the other groupings? Thx







07/29/19 08:29 PM #324    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Ellen -

Click directly on "Photo Galleries".  There you will find other reunion photos, including all of #45.

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