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01/27/12 09:06 AM #271    

Dianne Dockus (Just)

Claire,  Congrats to your brother, Russ!  Nice article in the Beacon today regarding him being chosen as Fairlawn's new Fire Chief.  I think he graduated in '74 with my brother, Dale (Dock).  The people of Fairlawn are in good hands...Duck

04/10/12 10:57 PM #272    

Richard Perrine

Just wondering if anyones thought about a get together this summer.


Rich Perrine

05/11/12 05:11 PM #273    


Jeff Matthews


  Come to think of it you did...ask around ...then call may be kinda late for a big HOOP-T-DOO..............

   but  who knows ????


08/16/12 05:32 PM #274    


Donie Stump (Parker)

Would somebody pleeeeease post something new on here to read??lol

08/17/12 01:51 PM #275    


Connie Miller (Beddow)

Hi Donie  

I'm sooooo looking forward to Nashville. The Opryland Hotel is beautiful. I decided to post a photo of the  plate on my bike. Some people don't get it........   they think I have a problem falling off my bike.

And I miss folks dropping a line in the forum. Thanks for waking us up!  I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and wonderful summer.

See you in October.    xoxo

11/06/12 09:45 AM #276    

Mary Beth Sawdey (Funk)

Ok, what the pictures don't show....Chinese firedrills in the parking garage...getting lost in the same parking garage...not able to exit that same parking garage, so Connie decides to lift up the arm across the Sharon can drive out the wrong way, and breaks it...lots of soul-searching, getting lost at the, drinks and REALLLLLLY GOOD MUSIC!!!!  Good times were had by all!

11/06/12 06:05 PM #277    


Barbara Kuba (Stoll)

I am soooo jealous, I LOVE Nashville, wish I could have gone along.  I think I've been in that same garage!  It sounds like y'all had a lot of fun! Barb Stoll


11/06/12 06:24 PM #278    


Jeff Matthews


                           for taking my wife on a wonderfully good time ...she needed it  & desrved it


12/31/12 10:42 AM #279    


Donie Stump (Parker)

Happy New Year to all my classmates.  Hope you have a fantastic 2013 and those of you that have retired.....I hope you are living it up and enjoying good health and great times with your families and firends!

Donie Stump Parker

05/13/14 06:07 PM #280    


Jeff Matthews

                                  H E Y      C L A S S M A T E S                


                    S I G N    U P  ..........    S  O  O  N  !!!!!!!    

05/30/14 03:33 PM #281    

Karen Kariotis (Boughton)

Any one have any information on Diamone Pappas? My sister Paula read today in the Beacon Journal that she passed away.

05/30/14 04:39 PM #282    

George Sapon


I can count on one hand the Greeks we had in our graduating class, you, me, Diamone, Thea, and Diane Carpas. Sorry if I'm missing someone. Diamone was my 5th grade church Sunday School sweetheart that I never really got over.(In the day that is) Should you or anyone find out anything, please let me know confidentially at:

I don't mean to say that it is not a great loss fo lose any of our classmates, but there was something special for me about Diamone and the Pappas family.

Thank you

05/30/14 05:35 PM #283    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Karen  (and George) -

I sent an email out to the class this morning regarding the sad news of Diamone.  Not sure why you did not receive it as I did not receive a bounceback on your email address.  Maybe check your "junk" mail?


06/14/14 07:44 PM #284    


Connie Miller (Beddow)

Tonight is the class reunion. And I know I speak for the rest of us that couldn't be there. We know and appreciate the work that goes into putting this together. We miss all of you and are so looking forward to the photos. Love and joy to each of you!

06/15/14 07:19 PM #285    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Hi Connie -

We definately MISSED YOU this weekend.  Photos will be posted soon.  I will send out a notice when they are on the website.  Hugs GF.....

06/17/14 01:12 PM #286    

Claire Hose (Mendez)

OMG ... It sounds like the reunion weekend was a huge success.  I can just picture the party at Tom's and so wish I could have been there, again, since I've missed the 40 and 45.  Maybe I'll have better luck at 50.

Well Done Reunion Committee.

06/19/14 08:21 PM #287    


Donie Stump (Parker)

I so hate that I missed the reunion.  I know everyone had a blast,  Sure wish someone would hurry and post some pictues.  I cant wait to see everyones smiling faces.


06/19/14 10:57 PM #288    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Hi Donie -

I took lots of photos but am waiting on others who attended to send me any they want to share so I can put them in order.  We also had a photo booth and they are sending me a CD with all those photos.  I will get photos posted soon.  We missed you !!!!! 

06/22/14 05:41 PM #289    

Kathleen Inama (Staats)

Hi everyone! I am so sad to have missed this reunion since I was lucky enough to have been at the rest.  I volunteer at Muscular Dystrophy camp and this was my 25th year.  It's always Father's Day weekend and we set up the night before. I didn't realize it was the same weekend because the 14th is earlier than most Father's Days have been.  Just didn't put two and two together.  Could it be my age! LOL.  Once I realized it I had trouble getting back to the page with times and dates for the other events in hopes I could show up at one of those. Thanks to all of you for your hard work to put this together because it can't be easy.  Hope you had a large crowd and can't wait to see the pictures.

Much love,


06/25/14 12:49 AM #290    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

Reunion photo update

I been working on getting the photos loaded on our website.  Thanks to everyone who sent photos (almost every photo I received was either sideways or upside down - thank goodness for the rotate feature- LOL).  But seriously, thanks for sending in your photos and I will soon have the 45th reunion live on our website. 

06/25/14 11:26 AM #291    


Christine Shaefer (Michel)

Thanks, Janet!  You rock!!  

06/25/14 10:13 PM #292    


Donie Stump (Parker)

What would we do without Shady to take care of all of us.  Thanks Janet for all your work.  I cant wait to see the pictures.  I sure missed seeing everyone.




06/30/14 09:10 AM #293    


Deborah Diefendorff (Boies)

The answer is we would be lost Donie!  Even though I could not make it to this one, I do thank you Janet and the reunion team for obviously putting on a very fun Class of '69 reunion!  Cannot wait to see the pics!

hugs to all,


06/30/14 12:04 PM #294    

Janet Shady (Winemiller)

THANKS SO MUCH Chris, Donie & Debi.  Photos are now live on the website.  I would have had them done sooner but had a bit of a distraction last week.  A visit from my son Todd, wife Katie & grandbaby Phoebe

07/01/14 12:36 PM #295    

Sharon Hodge (Davis)

Beautiful family!

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